Press Release


Agri Carb Electric Corporation Announces Intention to Operate in West Virginia


ACE CORP CEO Don Smith announces new company at

WVU Law School Conference


Morgantown, WV March 18, 2016:  Chief Executive Officer Don Smith II announced the presence of his new company, Agri Carb Electric Corporation (ACE CORP), to the attendees of the ground-breaking Strategic Cannabis Conference 2016, held March 17 at the West Virginia University College of Law.  ACE CORP seeks to establish infrastructure in West Virginia to process industrial hemp grown in the Appalachian region and is currently seeking funding partners and collaborators to achieve its vision.

According to Erik Janus, Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, “ACE CORP is West Virginia’s newest cleantech startup that seeks to demonstrate and market advanced carbon applications from a sustainable agriculture base and we think industrial hemp is the key to establishing a regional bio-based economy and to providing jobs and revenue in the Mountain State.”

ACE CORP will also be a presence at future offerings of the Strategic Cannabis Conference 2016 around the state over the next several months.  For more information on the WVU event, see For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Janus at or J. Morgan Leach, Lead Counsel, at