M³ is a consulting, lobbying & advocacy company skillfully explaining science and regulation to the cannaindustry and patiently explaining cannabis to the scientists, regulators, policymakers and your future market.

We strive for strict adoption of modern animal-free toxicity and exposure evaluation approaches in the regulation of chemicals, nanomaterials, medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

We seek protective yet practical high-quality solutions to environmental health and product safety problems -- tailored for your needs.



we offer comprehensive assistance for your information and advocacy needs and can help fulfill your compliance needs with fit-for-purpose evidence-based strategies.


  • Let M³ provide you expert scientific and regulatory assistance

    • Seasoned veteran of Washington, DC, agricultural policy scene

    • Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) for chemicals, nanomaterials, pesticides and food additives

    • registration of pesticides, including use on cannabis and hemp

    • hazard characterization, exposure assessment and risk assessment for chemicals, nanomaterials, pesticides and food additives

  • Let M³ provide you expert opinion and training

    • subject matter expert in the regulation of chemicals, nanomaterials, pesticides and food additives

    • modern and innovative approaches to toxicology and exposure characterization

    • online webinars and tailored in-person training in technical and regulatory issues

    • public comments, white papers and other expert reviews and scientific publications

  • Let M³ be your voice to science & regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations and trade associations

    • scientific communications

    • outreach and advocacy 

    • discussions and negotiations with municipal, county, state and federal regulators

    • lobbying (only registered in state of West Virginia)

Technical & Regulatory Services LLC offers insightful and timely analysis of regulatory issues impacting the chemical, pesticide, cannabis and hemp industries.  Please visit the Commentary & News section frequently!  If you would like to be a contributor, please contact erik@mcubedservices.com.