Stan Meiburg to replace Bob Perciasepe as 2nd-in-command at EPA

The Hill is reporting that Stan Meiburg, who recently retired as deputy regional administrator for the EPA Region 4 office, replacing Acting Deputy Administrator Lisa Feldt.  Feldt worked for former Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe, who recently left EPA this past August to become President of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. (C2ES is the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.)

What makes this interesting is this quote from The Hill: "McCarthy did not say whether the White House would appoint Meiburg for the position, which would require Senate confirmation."  Is there another option McCarthy has to bring Meiburg back from retirement that doesn't need Congressional approval? Does the White House not want to see Meiburg caught up partisan bickering? <Magic 8 Ball says: "As I see it, yes.">