Pesticide industry reformulates products in response to CA regulations

The pesticide industry is beginning to reformulate its products in response to a number of regulatory topics related to spray drift, volatilization and VOC content of formulations.  The Israeli-based company Adama, formerly Makhteshim Agan of North America, has recently announced its Voxien line of products, which includes low-VOC formulations of the compounds that are anticipated to be restricted in California next year.  (See my past coverage of this issue here.)  In addition to restriction on VOCs (as mandated by the State Implementation Plan), there are other regulatory shifts in how EPA will handle spray drift and volatilization.  (See my past coverage here.)

Valent USA also announced this week that it would market a new low VOC plant growth regulator.

More formulation changes from more companies shouldn't be a surprise; however, this is no simple matter.  Switching to a different source of an inert ingredient (VOCs are inert ingredients in pesticide formulations) can involve changes in the supply chain, changes to the formulation process, as well as paperwork (and associated approval timelines) at EPA.  What is most interesting about these moves is that appear to be prompted by a switch in a single state's regulatory needs (albeit California is an awfully big market for all crop protection companies!) ... that power of this state in shaping agricultural chemical policy is not be denied.