EPA OIG to investigate "misleading air toxics data" from California

Update from EPA's Office of the Inspector General :: October 14, 2014:

As a "result of a hotline complaint received by our office," the EPA Office of Inspector General has informed the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that it is"reviewing allegations that the ARB is reporting misleading air toxics data."  Furthermore, according to OIG, the purpose of the investigation is to "determine whether the ARB complied with applicable procurement requirements when purchasing the selected equipment and interrelated service contracts, and to determine whether ARB is following applicable requirements for testing and reporting air toxic data."

According to the letter sent to CARB, OIG is planning on initiating work with the State from a location in Sacramento in the next several weeks.  No reason was given other than stating that the investigation was the result of a "hotline tip."  

You should review the OIG letter and ensure you have the requested paperwork in order in case your region or state is next up on the "hotline."  M³ can help ensure your data and paperwork are compliant with EPA's standards.